‘No gay has all five’ is the greatest brand new twitter meme that is gay

‘No gay has all five’ is the greatest brand new twitter meme that is gay

“No homosexual has all five” is the meme that is taken over gay Twitter. (Pexels and Twitter)

The uncomfortably“no that is relatable has all five” meme has swept Twitter.

The theory would be to list five attributes that are essential for success, but impossible for homosexual individuals to obtain.

It originated, as nearly all good memes do, on Tumblr.

an individual called thottistani published: “No gay has all 5: employment. Good relationship with father. Neurotypical mind. Power to top. Driver’s permit.”

After their post attracted significantly more than 100,000 records, the meme distribute to Twitter, where individuals offered it completely new spins—or simply copied it word after word.


“No gay has all five” takes its destination when you look at the pantheon of homosexual memes

The structure gets the possible to encourage attitudes that are judgmental not the right fingers, but could additionally be insightful and funny.

Lots of the articles fool around with interior stereotypes that have grown popular on Gay Twitter, like the proven fact that queer individuals usually have a problem with driving, maths and caffeine addictions.

One such entry read: “No gay has all five: good grades. can drive. not caffeine addicted. sufficient plants. can math.”

“No gay has all five: a beard. a healthier relationship with their moms and dads. the capability to count. iced coffee.”

Another tweeter jokingly included simply four choices to show his not enough maths abilities, composing: “No gay has all five: a beard. an excellent relationship with their parents. the capacity to count. iced coffee.”

A user that is different: “no gay has all five: does not cause ppl to mute the team text. buddies in the office. less than 5 subscription solutions. clothing that fit well. a frequent view of childrearing.”

complicated family members recurrent theme in “No gay has all meme that is five

Some have actually remarked that numerous people that are gay on great terms making use of their moms and dads—especially their dad.

Probably the most apparent type of it was a tweet which listed “good relationship with daddy” four times before incorporating in: “clear skin.”

Another individual wrote: “no gay has all five. cash. success. popularity. glamour. a dad whom really loves them.”

A post that is particularly savage this vein read: “no gay person has all five among these: 1. a daddy whom really loves them. 2. a mother whom really loves them. 3. a god whom really loves them. 4. a buddy whom really loves them. 5. a legitimate human being experience.”

Other people switched the meme into bull crap, just like the individual who referenced US musical Rent by composing: “No gay has all five: hundred twenty five thousand six hundred mins.”

Gay individuals presumably don’t do well with maintaining individuals on a group text. (wrongmiles/twitter)

Plus some went meta, utilizing the meme’s format to criticise the meme it self.

One of these brilliant read: “No gay is able to do all five: • make use of the bullet point • forgo the urge to spam people they know by retweeting • the capability to not boast once they reckon they do.”

They included: “• realize that really, no one offers a flying monkeys • create a sarcastic list and perhaps not come to an end of responses.”

No gay has got the capability to make use of the bullet point, evidently. (darkaeon/twitter)

And a user that is different: “all those ‘no homosexual has all five’ memes are just like: placeholder thing many gays have actually. placeholder thing many gays have actually. driver’s licence. inner delight. placeholder thing many gays have actually.”

The individual played along, tweeting: “no gay has all five: – GCSE Geography – GCSE History – smallpox scars – motorists licence – inner joy. after being challenged to create a tweet which captured this format”

The Twitter meme is not only for homosexual guys

Tweeters whom aren’t homosexual guys also took part in the meme creation, adjusting it as appropriate.

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