Tubal Ligation Operation: All You Need To Understand

Tubal Ligation Operation: All You Need To Understand

Scott Sundick, MD, is board-certified generally speaking surgery and surgery that is vascular. Since 2012, he’s got practiced with all the Cardiovascular Care Group in nj-new jersey.

Tubal ligation surgery is an procedure that is elective involves cutting, sealing, clipping, or tying from the fallopian tubes—which connect the ovaries into the uterus—to restrict semen from reaching an egg. Also called having your pipes tied up or feminine sterilization, a tubal ligation is a permanent kind of contraception that is effective in practically all instances.

Tubal ligation surgery can be achieved by itself, but it is additionally often done in a medical facility as soon as possible after a lady offers birth—particularly via cesarean part (C-section), as surgeons may use the incision that is same reach the fallopian pipes.

Just What Is Tubal Ligation?

Tubal ligation seals from the fallopian pipes by either clamping, snipping and sealing, or tying then cutting and sealing them. The fallopian pipes carry a released ovum (egg) through the ovaries into the womb, and tend to be usually the destination where an egg is fertilized by a sperm.

The process can be achieved either laparoscopically or as an open medical procedure, because is the actual situation whenever done after a C-section or a myomectomy. When the pipes are closed or “tied,” semen will never be able to achieve an egg, so pregnancy cannot take place.

Tubal ligation is more than 99% effective in preventing maternity. п»ї п»ї Failure can happen in the event that tubes that are fallopian on their own, which occurs sometimes. If a pregnancy occurs after a tubal ligation, there clearly was a 33% potential for it being a non-viable ectopic maternity. п»ї п»ї

Forms of Tubal Ligation Surgical Treatment

Tubal ligation is usually done within hours of childbirth (postpartum). However it can certainly be done by itself (period).

Tubal ligations can be carried out in some ways that are different. In determining just the right what is beautifulpeople technique {for you personally, the doctor will (ahead of time) think about facets such as for instance your weight, any past stomach surgery, and whether you will end up obtaining the procedure rigtht after.

Among the list of choices your physician will give consideration to:

  • Mini-laparotomy (mini-lap)tubal ligation is completed after having a baby.
  • Laparoscopic sterilization is performed when you have not merely offered delivery.
  • Start tubal ligation surgery, also known as a laparotomy, is usually done rigtht after a C-section.

an available procedure requires a much bigger incision and, by itself, will be surgery that is major. As a result, available ligation that is tubal seldom carried out in the lack of another procedure additionally being done.

Make sure you pose a question to your physician why a technique that is particular being suggested and acquire responses to your concerns you may possibly have.


The primary contraindication for tubal ligation could be the man or woman’s want to have kiddies. The task is just recommended for adults who’re sure they don’t want to conceive as time goes by. п»ї п»ї

Everybody varies, but relating to 2012 research of people that got the process, topics had been prone to be sorry for having their pipes tied up if: п»ї п»ї

  • These were young
  • That they had few or no kids
  • They just opted for this technique because their partner desired it
  • The procedure was thought by them would help fix relationship dilemmas
  • They selected a tubal ligation it would solve financial issues because they believed

For those who have a ligation that is tubal alter their minds later on, a tubal reversal might be feasible. Nonetheless, it needs surgery that is major isn’t constantly effective. Approximately 40% to 60percent of people that have actually their tubal reversed become pregnant. п»ї п»ї

Extra contraindications connect with specific procedures. Folks who are overweight, have actually an adhesive illness, or have actually medical comorbidities is almost certainly not good applicants for stomach or laparoscopic surgery.

In individuals whoever fallopian pipes are anatomically unusual, procedures that utilize videos or bands to shut the tubes off may possibly not be appropriate.

Possible Dangers

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