Portable Hip Spica Chair


Our range of Hip Spica chairs has been specifically designed for children from the age of 12 months old who are in plaster casts following hip surgery and require supportive seating. Easy-to-use knobs allow you to adjust the seat height, depth, angle and tilt as well as the height of the back and arm rests. Chairs come complete with pelvic straps, shoulder harness and tray. For children ages 1-3, this chair design offers high levels of adjustability and creates a lightweight alternative to the Multi Adjustable Hip Spica Chair. The Portable Hip Spica takes up little space and can easily be broken down to take in the car. Includes a 5-point harness and quick-release tray. Seat Height: 8 1/4” to 14”. Width: 8 1/4” to 14”. Seat Depth: 22” to 26”. Tray Size: 21 1/2” X 17 1/2”. See W41626, W41627 and W41628 for Multi Adjustable Hip Spica Chairs.

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