Bolster Chair


For children, ages 2-6 and up to 42" tall. Maximum user weight: 55 lbs. Appropriate for children with spastic or athetoid CP who have stiffness in the lower extremities. Promotes feet-on-the-floor positioning. These positioning aids help children to maintain hip flexion with abduction and external rotation to promote movement and stability in sitting, while inhibiting the deforming influences associated with W-sitting. Lateral pelvic supports promote symmetrical posture so that the child can use both hands freely, making it possible for the child to move in sitting without producing movements that interfere with balance and postural control. And the adjustable foot supports help maintain the hips and knees at 90° to help keep the child’s center of gravity over the base of support. Come complete with frame, bolster, lateral pelvic supports, foot supports, back height extension, 4" swivel braking casters, and height-adjustable tray. Age: 2-6 yrs. Size: up to 42". Max. User Weight: 55 lbs. Bolster: 15"L x 8" dia. Height (floor to seat): 7" to 13".

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