Kaye Scoot - About


This swivel-wheeled scooter allows clients to practice patterns necessary for ambulation while seated—before standing balance has developed! Scoot-About adjusts in height, making it possible for children and adults to sit on the seat and propel themselves with their feet. Clients can be properly positioned to work on reciprocal movement, heel-strike, coordinated knee flexion, and extension. Also offers an ideal way to activate the hamstrings and quadriceps in a reciprocal pattern following dorsal rhizotomy or hamstring lengthenings. Padded seat measures 16 1/2" x 12 1/2" with easy-to-grasp handgrips placed 5" above the seat. Unit moves easily on firm surfaces with four 5" casters. For children and adults. Seat adjusts from 8 1/2"H to 16 1/2"H. 24" overall width. Also available, Scoot-About Back Support #W39663.

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