Adapted Steeple Course Set


There’s a Steeplecourse movement-education and challenge course just right for your gym or classroom. And they’re tough and heavy enough to use outside in the wind. Design the course for your students in wheelchairs as well as able-bodied children. Bricks feature no-slip suction cup feet. Hoops have flat sides and fit snugly into bricks and cones. Bars fit through cones as well as bricks. Universal clamps allow one bar to be fastened to another to create hurdles of various heights. Components come in assorted colors. We’ve added eight 60''L X-Long Bars and four Small Flat Hoops to our popular W8000 School Set to give you more flexibility in configuring a course that can also be used by students in wheelchairs. Includes 8 Giant Steeple Bricks, 8 X-Long Bars, 4 Long Bars, 4 Short Bars, 4 Medium Cones, 4 Small Cones, 4 Large Flat Hoops, 4 Medium Flat Hoops, 4 Small Flat Hoops, 24 universal bar clips and 12 hoop-to-pole connectors.

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